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Must-Eat Food in Every State

04/10/24 - "Click Here for Story"

One Tank Trip: Anthony-Thomas Chocolates

03/27/24 - FOX 8 "Click Here for Video"

Bunny hop your way to an Anthony-Thomas Candy Shoppe for your Easter treats

03/27/24 - NBC4 WCMH-TV "Click Here for Story"

Move over, Peeps: Here are 6 Columbus-area shops offering homemade Easter candy

03/27/24 - The Columbus Dispatch "Click Here for Story"

Anthony-Thomas Candy Co. expanding west-sideplant, adding dozens of jobs

03/07/24 - Columbus Business First "Click Here for Story"

2024 Pillar Award For Community Service

12/28/23 - Smart Business "Click Here for Story"

Tis the season to giveā€¦.chocolates!

12/08/23 - NBC4 WCMH-TV "Click Here for Video"

Stand-Up Pouches Spur Growth for Anthony-Thomas Candy Co.

10/30/23 "Click Here for Story"

See How Anthony-Thomas Buckeyes are Made and How This Family-Owned Business is Expanding

10/27/23 - NBC4i "Click Here for Story"

A quest to find the best buckeye

09/01/23 - WBNS 10TV "Click Here for Story"

Ten Tips for an Epic Family-Friendly Getaway to Columbus Ohio

07/06/23 - Cincinnati Refined "Click Here for Story"

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio

06/13/23 - Columbus Chamber of Commerce "Click Here for Story"

Anthony-Thomas Partners With Ronald McDonald House

06/02/23 - NBC4 "Click Here for Video"

Anthony-Thomas Annual Easter Open House Tour

03/28/23 - Confectionery Report "Click Here for Video"

Thousands take Tour Inside Anthony-Thomas Candy Company

03/27/23 - Spectrum News "Click Here for Video"

Anthony-Thomas Easter Open House Preparations

03/27/23 - NBC4 Columbus "Click Here for Video"

The Best Chocolate Shops in Columbus

02/07/23 - Columbus Navigator "Click Here for Story"

Around Town With Cam

02/23 - Good Day Columbus "Click Here for Video"

Ever Wonder Why Chocolate Turns White?

02/23/23 - Confectionery Report "Click Here for Video"

Anthony-Thomas Candy Co. Marks 70 Years

11/03/22 - Candy Industry "Click Here for Story"

Anthony-Thomas Celebrates Platinum Jubilee With Sweet Deals

09/28/22 06:02 am EST - Columbus Dispatch "Click Here for Story"

Anthony-Thomas Candy Company Celebrates 70 Years

06/23/22 06:02 am EST - Columbus Underground "Click Here for Story"

5 Generations & 70 Years: How Anthony-Thomas Candy Co. Became a Lasting Columbus Name

06/23/22 - The Metropreneur "Click Here for Story"

Family and chocolate stay a sweet combination at Columbus candy factory

06/17/22 - Spectrum News "Click Here for Story"

Anthony-Thomas Celebrates 70 Years of Making Chocolate

03/10/22 - Edible Columbus "Click Here for Story"

The Kelly Clarkson Show

YouTube"Click Here for Video"

1960's Ad

02/14/22 - Yahoo! "Click Here for Story"

Schmidt's and Anthony-Thomas team up for new fall flavor creation

09/14/21 - FOX 28 "Click Here for Video"

FOX Sports and @TheWilderThings visited Anthony-Thomas Candy Company to see exactly how Ohio's signature sweet is made and do some taste testing... obviously

09/12/21 04:51 pm EST - FOX College Football "Click Here for Video"

Schmidt's, Anthony-Thomas teaming up to offer special September cream puff

09/01/21 08:37 am EST - NBC 4 "Click Here for Story"

Good Morning America: Anthony-Thomas Buckeyes

08/05/21 - Good Morning America "Click Here for Video"

Anthony-Thomas Working to Keep up with Demand for Buckeyes

12/06/19 04:32 pm EST - WBNS 10TV "Click Here for Story and Video"

Central Ohio Factory Tours

7/17/19 - Columbus Monthly "Click Here for Story"

Anthony-Thomas Easter Open House

3/22/19 - Columbus on the Cheap "Click Here for Story"

Hidden Gems Around Central Ohio: Anthony-Thomas Walking Tour

2/08/19 11:52 am EST - This Week News "Click Here for Story and Video"

Columbus Neighborhoods: Anthony-Thomas Chocolates

12/06/17 - WOSU Public Media "Click Here for Video"

All for Ohio: Anthony-Thomas Candy Company

7/11/17 - Ohio Chamber of Commerce "Click Here for Story"