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    Anthony Zanetos immigrated to the United States from Greece in 1907. His first job was as an apprentice candy maker in a local candy shop in Columbus, Ohio. It was in 1916, when Anthony experienced the urge to go into business for himself. This decision molded the lives of four generations.

    In 1932, Anthony opened the Co-op Dairy at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Broad Street in Franklinton. It was Anthony’s dream for a father and son business. In 1945 Anthony’s son Tom, returned home from service following W.W.II. Together they started Anthony’s Confectionary where the Co-op Dairy used to be. Following the war, sugar was rationed and Veterans that were in the candy business could get a 30,000-pound annual allotment of sugar, which made Tom a valuable asset and an instant partner with his father.

    In 1947, the two opened the Crystal Fountain Restaurant at 1022 West Broad Street. The business expanded by adding ice cream making equipment, a soda fountain and a light lunch counter. This brought more customers into the store, which consequently increased candy sales. Soon the candy business was growing faster than the ice cream and lunch business.

    Realizing the quality of the candy was creating a demand, Tom and his father decided to make it a full time trade, and using their first names they formed the Anthony-Thomas Candy Company in 1952.

    In 1969, they expanded and moved to a 60,000 square foot building at 1160 West Broad Street. As business continued to grow, this building became too small to keep up with the demand.

    In 1995, Anthony-Thomas again expanded and moved to its current 152,000 square foot factory at 1777 Arlingate Lane in Columbus, Ohio. Besides making candy for our 13 local retail outlets, we also have a fund-raising division and contract-manufacturing division. We are one of the largest family-owned and operated candy companies in the mid-west and now employ over 200 people and produce an average of 50,000 pounds of chocolates on two shifts daily. Currently Anthony-Thomas is expanding its retail, wholesale and contract-manufacturing divisions.

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